Dawah Corner

This page is designed to assist those who wish to spread the information contained on this website. Please review the following details on how to spread the word!

Dawah Cards

Dawah Cards are made available free for you to download and distribute

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Social Media


You will find these icons on individual pages (articles, videos, etc.) Click on them to use these social media links to share content.


Clicking on any social media icon under the title “follow” will lead you to Dr. Brown’s official Social Media feeds.

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Site Map

Know your audience! Once you know your audience, you can point them to the right website or material in the above network of websites. Atheists, Agnostics and Idol-worshipers are best directed to begin with RealityofGod.com. Plug Jews and Christians into TruetoJesus.com. Repentant service members, who seek atonement for crimes they committed while in the military, can find the path to salvation in DistressedVets.com. Some people are not ready for serious discussion, or they feel threatened by religious differences. These people can be approached through the gentle, non-threatening avenue of entertainment: Introduce them to Dr. Brown’s action/adventure novels, beginning with The Eighth Scroll. Or pick and choose specific material from LevelTruth.com, and pass it on.

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For inexpensive, convenient, and high-impact dawah tools, certain articles on the “Articles” page can be printed double-sided. Just open your selected article and find the pamphlet download on the right sidebar. Select 8.5″x11″ (US letter size) or A4, then print double-sided, and then fold along the dotted lines to create effective tri-fold handouts and mailers. Color printer is recommended but not required.

Alternatively, you can download the articles in PDF, incorporate your own design, and reproduce them at a local printer.

Please remember that permission is given to print articles only if reproduced in entirety, without omissions, additions or alterations. The only exception to this rule is design modifications, which are permitted as long as the written content (i.e., the text of the article and the credits) remains unchanged. If an individual or group wishes to add their own name and contact information to the credits, they can do this on the back of the pamphlet with words to the effect, “Distributed by . . .”, “Printed through . . .”, or similar wording that clarifies that they are the distributor or printer, but not the originator of the material.

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Dr. Brown’s books are primarily distributed through Amazon.com, both in hard-copy and in e-book (Amazon’s Kindle).
Free reading apps can be downloaded for smartphones, computers and tablets from Amazon.com’s Kindle store (look for “Free Reading apps” on the horizontal menu). Try these links first:

Dr. Brown’s books are expected to be available through Apple’s iTunes and Barnes & Noble’s Nook in the near future, and these links will be posted on the relevant book pages for purchase.

We ask readers, whenever possible, to support Dr. Brown’s dawah efforts by purchasing books through regular channels. However, for those who cannot afford or otherwise access Dr. Brown’s books, hard copies of MisGod’ed, God’ed, and Bearing True Witness can be requested through the “Free Book” program of IslamUnveiled.com. This is a non-profit organization, so please do not be surprised if delivery takes two to three months, or sometimes even longer if new batches need to be printed.

Lastly, we ask all readers to respect the book copyrights.

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Articles are available in the following languages:

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