Book Description:

David Cohen’s wife didn’t deserve to die. Sarah Weizmann shouldn’t blame herself for Leah’s murder. But the shocking crime served a militant Zionist group’s strategic purpose. When David and Sarah team up to find Leah’s killer, they are drawn into a maze of murder and intrigue designed to conceal the ugly history of Zionism. Following a path through Poland’s WWII death camps, they are forced to fight for their lives against both a psychopathic Nazi war criminal and Israel’s Mossad. When they discover the dark secret that links their two antagonists, they realize something is bound to die – themselves, the horrifying truth, or all together. The Zion Deception is a fully-annotated and meticulously researched work that expresses pro-Jewish, anti-Zionist views popular among Jewish revisionist historians. Although controversial, it challenges what readers know about anti-Semitism, Zionism, and Israel. With a keen sense of closure and awareness of the interconnectedness behind history’s failings, author Dr. Laurence B. Brown exposes popularized fallacies, and reveals the threat Zionism poses not only to Jews, but to the world as a whole.


The author does a good job of weaving little known yet very important historical facts into an entertaining story line. This should be required reading for every seminary student and ordained minister, Christian, Catholic or Jewish!
– Amazon Review