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For brothers Nathan and Mark Jones, the best summer vacation they can imagine is one of wild adventure. That is why they join their college geochemistry professor on a prospecting trip to South America. But what begins as a simple expedition rapidly devolves into a life-altering trip into the darkest corners of the human soul. The brothers’ lives soon morph into a kaleidoscope of the best and worst that lawless human nature and untamed wilderness can dish out. They quickly realize that their survival depends not only upon one another, but upon the native Indians they have been taught to fear—the only ones who can lead them back to civilization.

The Returned: Hardboiled

Book Description:

Have you ever liked a book so much that you wanted to read it again? You don’t want a sequel, because the sequel is never as good as the original. No, you want to re-live the pleasure you experienced when you read the original. The good news is that Dr. Laurence Brown’s The Returned: Hardboiled is not a sequel to The Returned. Rather, it is a different take on the same theme. Up until Nathan’s return to the Amazon, Hardboiled is a more edgy version of the original, and Nathan narrates to the audience of his grandchildren. When Nathan returns to the Amazon, however, the story changes dramatically. Nathan’s wayward grandson accompanies him on his return trip, seeking to escape the gang life that threatens to destroy him. This introduces a third generation to the story, adding a romantic subplot and altering the scheme of events that lead to the bittersweet but satisfying conclusion. Do you want to read The Returned again? Sink your teeth into Hardboiled.



Muhammad Assad And Dr.Brown are by far my favorite authors. Dr.Lawrence does his fair bit of research into the Abrahamic faiths and wonderfully puts together the case for Islam as the final revelation from God. To be an intellect is one thing , but to put intelligence in such captivating and simple format is something else. May Allah bless him and hope that there’s a lot more to come from Dr.Brown InshAllah.
– Firoz_azwer’s Reviews

Like his work before this one, God’ed takes a look at the Abrahamic religions though in this final book, the focus is ono Muhammed. This is the third book on religion that I have read by this author; his style of writing i consistently interesting and engaging. The information that you will find in this book really debunk many of the assumptions that people in the West have made about Islam. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, you stand to gain many insights from this book. I would recommend this book to any person on faith or any person interested in religion.
– Malina’s Reviews