Dr. Laurence Brown (see is a doctor, a best-selling author, an ordained Islamic and interfaith minister, and an American convert to the Islamic religion. His website,, is designed for two kinds of people:

1) Non-Muslims whose religious searches have led them to investigate Islam, and

2) Muslims who seek the tools with which to share the Islamic faith with others.

Open-minded Atheists and Agnostics might prefer to begin with the more focused material on Dr. Brown’s splinter website, Introspective Jews and Christians might begin with Disaffected Veterans can enter through And those for whom English is a second language can check out the site map for foreign language translations. Whichever website you begin with, is the central hub that showcases all of Dr. Brown’s religious material in one place. So choose your starting point and take your click. Please don’t forget to share with others and, just as importantly, to share with us: After reviewing the material, we invite your thoughts through the “contact us” page.

–Dr. Brown, and the LevelTruth team